Simone Ellul

Simone is one of the founding sheep and can mainly be found in airplanes whizzing around Europe to improvisation festivals. In theory she lives in Malta but in practice she lives in hotels.

David Garrahy

Another founding sheep and Dubliner to the soles of his leprechaun-like feet. David is our resident priest. Well, not exactly. but that seems to be the way things go in many, many scenes. We blame it on a traumatic Catholic upbringing.

Conrad Toft

Schrodinger’s Sheep, Conrad is simultaneously in many places at once. Some of them are even places where he should be. He’s been improvising since the Stone Age and arrived in Brussels a couple of millennia after that.

Meisoon Nasralla

Meisoon is a UK refugee, currently communicating or something for a Brussels firm or something. Whatever. I guess she could explain all this a lot better than I’m managing to do. Hmm… they really should have got someone else to write these bios.

Sara van der Zande

Youth worker by day and improviser by night.



François Amani

The artiste’s artiste, François not only improvises but he plays music and writes. God, don’t you hate talented people.


Jenni Gee

Our resident Californian. Jenni joined the flock in summer 2019 and brought with her a wicked sense of humour, great characterisations and an amazing singing voice.