As well as the main festival there will also be a fringe festival, with events taking place at the theatre before the main programme. It will run from 6-8 May at 13.00-16.30. The programme for the FEATS Fringe 2016 is:

Friday 6th May

13.00 Writing Brussels

Brussels has as many faces as coloured umbrellas on a rainy day. Writingbrussels is a group of seven artists inspired by this city and its stories. Come and listen to their words and notes.

14.00 ‘Sure Thing’ by David Ives – Performed by Semi-Circle, Basel – 12 minutes

In this short comic play Betty and Bill meet by chance in a café, and begin negotiating the maze of wrong things to say on a first encounter. Awkward! Wouldn’t you just love to be able to re-phrase those clumsy chat-up lines?

14.20     Wedding Toast by Laura Mannino

Performed by Sandra Regenbogen (ESOC Darmstadt)

14.30     Introduction to Improv – Renegade Saints

Get ready to be taken out of your comfort zone, expand your creativity, and build your confidence in an active and fun-filled hour of improv. Learn to accept your own and your partner’s ideas and make your scene partner look good, all through fun exercises and games that will stretch your imagination. Great for actors and non-actors alike interested in exploring the concepts of improv in a fun and welcoming environment.

15:30     ‘Eddie’ by Danny Strike – 35 minutes

Meet Eddie, compulsive gambler, ex-booth boxer, accidental bigamist, likeable (up to a point) rogue! The trouble is, he doesn’t know when to stop.

Saturday 7th May

13.00     Drama-Based Games Workshop

What better way to get to know your new and old FEATS friends better than joining us for a drama based games workshop. We will be playing several character and social deduction based games. Whilst the thrust of the workshop will be centred around how these games can help in creating theatre. We hope to offer an opportunity for one and all to come and meet new people and discover perhaps a little more about friends you also thought you knew! Steve Challens will be leading a session of Resistance, Spyfall, Billionaire, Coup and Love Letters. Any time remaining maybe offered to the Sheriff of Nottingham. Be warned!

14:00     ‘Ruby of Elsinore’ by Bruce Kane – Lucerne Group – 25 minutes

Elsinore, Denmark. Ruby has established herself as the go-to hairdresser in town. And ‚what’s said at Ruby’s, stays at Ruby’s‘, which is why she enjoys the trust of all her customers – from King Claudius to Hamlet to Ophelia. But many a secret is revealed in this peek into her respected salon.                                       

14.30-16.00        The Creative Forum – 90 minutes

To share each other’s experiences and ideas from productions; support each other; share initiatives and find ways to improve the calibre of the festival.  This is a 90 minute seminar led by Nigel Harvey where we can share ideas, discuss theatre, talk about our experiences of productions etc.

16.15     ‘The Dangers of Tobacco’ by Anton Chekhov – Performed by Michael Connelly of AATG – 17 minutes

This presentation of ‘The Dangers of Tobacco’ by Anton Chekhov sees Ian McEwan, based on Chekhov’s Ivan Ivanovich Nyukhin, giving lecture on the harmful effects of tobacco – having been instructed to do so by his wife, the domineering headmistress of an Edinburgh private school. However, he very rarely sticks to the subject of his lecture!  

Sunday 8th May

11.00-12.30 – FEATS Forum

13.00  ‘The Zoo Story’ by Edward Albee – Performed by BATS – 50 minutes

The Zoo Story concerns Jerry, a rather disconnected individual, and his efforts to achieve real communication with Peter, equally disconnected but wrapped in the cloak, the disguise, of respectability. In the play these characters meet in circumstances that have life changing consequences for both.

13.50     New Phone by Alisha Gaddis

Performed by Sandra Regenbogen (ESOC Darmstadt).

14.00-15.30 Acting With No Limits – Actor’s Workout

Actor’s Workout tries to make all its workshops fun!  We’ll start with each participant introducing themselves in a unique way, breaking down the barriers of self-consciousness and allowing the actor to freely think and play. There will be some movement and voice work to warm up followed by several exercises.  The finale will give the actor a chance to show their creativity in an environment where they will feel safe, confident and everything goes!

15:30     Death By Zumba by Maureen Littrell

Performed by Sandra Regenbogen (ESOC Darmstadt)

15.45   Hans Field, Singer, Songwriter, and Music Producer, based in Munich.

Well known in Munich for his unusual renderings of know songs and unusual costumes, sing his own songs of life.

17.00     FEATS Skit

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